Kamis, 09 September 2010

Removed history browser Google Chrome and the Opera Mini

Google Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Select or click the picture equipment in the top right corner as shown below:

3. Select or click the History menu
4. Select or click on the Edit item ... like the image below:

5. Check the history would be deleted like the image below:

6. Then select Remove selected items menu such as picture below: 

7. Click OK 
8. If you want to delete the entire history that there is no need to do step number 5 so do the numbers 1-4 and then select Clear all browsing data... like the image below: 


9. Then select Clear browsing data such as picture below: 


10. End

Opera Mini
1. Open Opera Mini.
2. Click tabs History.
3. Click on Delete.
4. End 

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