Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

11 Aplikasi [application] CD Burner Linux

1.  K3b
     K3b was created to be a feature-rich and easy to handle CD burning application.

2.  X-CD-Roast 
     X-CD-Roast tries to be the most flexible CD-burning software ever. It allows even the unexperienced user to create or copy a CD with a few mouse clicks in a intuitive and nice looking graphical user interface. 

    KreateCD is a CD recording front-end for the K Desktop Environment (KDE) which provides an easy-to-use user interface for the underlying command line tools (cdrecord, mkisofs, cdparanoia ...) 

     CD Bake Oven. Fix for data CD creation on-the-fly for drives that need to know image size in advance.

     Arson is a KDE frontend to various CD burning, and ripping tools. It was originally begun to burn audio CDs because i could find no other frontends which used cdrdao (in disk at once mode), which could decode various encoded audio formats (mp3, ogg), and displayed accurate track length as the playlist was created. But as usual once the initial plans were implemented I just kept going...

     ECLiPt Roaster is a graphical frontend for cdrecord, mkisofs written in gnome-python.

     Gnome Toaster. A complete cd recording environment written in Gtk with optional Gnome Support. supports TAO and DAO recording using cdrecord&cdrdao, free file selection using a comfortable built-in filemanager or optionally any gtk draganddrop compatible external program.

     SimpleCDR-X is a GTK+ based frontend for CD writing, mastering, and audio manipulation. Its design goals include ease of use and a clean interface without compromising functionality. SimpleCDR-X utilizes many common utilities cd and audio utilities. 

     gcombust is a CD burner GUI. It works as a GTK+ frontend for mkisofs, mkhybrid, cdrecord, and cdlabelgen. It has primitive support for controlling the directory (root) structure and size of an image without copying files/symlinking or writing 10 lines of arguments. It can also maximize disk usage by hinting at which directories/files to use.

      webCDwriter can be used to make the CD- and DVD-writer(s) connected to a Linux box available to all users in your network. It consists of the server CDWserver and the clients webCDcreator and rcdrecord. CDWserver stores the files transmitted by the clients, reserves the CD-writer and controls the CD-writer using cdrecord.

      CDRBQ has a new trick. Now you can use CDRBQ to burn CDs from cue/bin files with cdrdao.