Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

7 Aplikasi (application) File Compressor Linux

1.  Ark 
     Ark is a program for managing various archive formats within the KDE environment. Ark is a free and open source software, available for Linux and similar operating systems under the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2. Archives can be viewed, extracted, created and modified from within Ark. The program can handle various formats such as tar, gzip, bzip2, zip, rar and lha (if appropriate command-line programs are installed). Ark can work closely with Konqueror in the KDE environment to handle archives, if you install the Konqueror Integration plugin available in the kdeaddons package. 

2.  Gnozip
     GnoZip is a WinZip-like archive manipulator. It is a GUI frontend to many compression/archiving utilities, such as tar, zip, gzip, bzip2, etc.

     kArchiver is a KDE utility made to ease working with compressed files. With kArchiver, you can create tar.gz, tar.bz2, .zip, .rar, .7z and other compressed files. You can add, remove, view one or more files with a multiselection window, password protect files.  Its interface can merge with konqueror, allowing you to view and extract all of your archives within the file manager. Right-click on files to compress them, on archives to extract them in background.

    gnochive is a GUI frontend for all common archivers under linux. gnochive was formally known as gnomerar. 

     File Roller is an archive manager for the GNOME environment.

6.  Unace
     unace is a utility to extract, view, and test the contents of an ACE archive.

7.  TkZip
     TkZip is a graphical X interface to archive management, adding a GUI front end to the standard archiving utilities - tar, gzip, compress, zcat, zip, etc. (you must have the appropriate utilities installed on your system). It provides